Pietro Lussu


Born in Rome on March 21st, 1971, Pietro began his jazz piano studies with Massimo Ruscitto. He continued these studies at a tertiary level while attending the Terni Jazz University, with pianist with Mike Melillo. He also frequented workshops led by Bruno Tommaso, Maurizio Giammarco and Paolo Fresu, took part in the Siena Jazz Seminars with Franco D’Andrea and enrolled in masterclasses held by Stefano Battaglia. Pietro was the pianist with “the Italian Youth Jazz Orchestra” for two years, with which he performed both in Italy and abroad, sponsored by the European Union and directed by Bruno Tommaso. Since 1996 he has been a member of Rosario Giuliani’s quartet. In 1997 the band won first prize at the European Jazz Contest in Brussels, as the best of sixty bands from all over Europe. They were the first Italian band to win this prize, some twenty years after the competition’s inception. For several years Pietro has also been collaborating with the internationally renown producer and musician Nicola Conte, with whom he recorded for the prestigious Blue Note records. Pietro has played with all the best in Italy, and many internationally renown musicians: Rosario Giuliani, Maurizio Giammarco, Pietro Tonolo, Gegè Munari, Giorgio Rosciglione, Paolo Fresu, Emanuele Cisi, Fabrizio Bosso, Stefano Di Battista, Alice Ricciardi, Daniele Scannapieco, Flavio Boltro, Robert Bonisolo, Bob Mintzer, Joe Locke, Terence Blanchard, Mark Turner, Tim Warfield, Philipe Caterine, and many more. He has held stage at many of the most important festivals in the world: Umbria Jazz (five times), Umbria Jazz Winter (twice), Montreux Jazz Festival (twice), North Sea Jazz Festival (twice), Marciac Jazz Festival, Vienna Jazz, Ankara Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, London Barbican Centre, Tel Aviv Festival, Tokyo and Japan (six times), Noumea (New Caledonia) Jazz Festival, New York, Paris, etc.

Selected discography:

Rosario Giuliani “Flashing Ligths”- Philology

Rosario Giuliani “Connotazione Blue”- Philology

Rosario Giuliani “Tension-jazz themes from Italian movies”- Schema records

Rosario Giuliani “Luggage”- Dreyfus records

Rosario Giuliani “Mr. Dodo”- Dreyfus records

Lorenzo Tucci “Sweet revelation”- Philology

Gerardo Bartoccini special guest Eddie Henderson “Twilight”- YVP music

Daniele Tittarelli “Jungle Trane”- Wide sound

Gianluca Renzi “Looking for the right line”- Wide sound

Gianluca Renzi “Don’t stop your mind”- Wide sound

Pietro Ciancaglini “Italian Jazz Graffiti”- Isma record

Enrico Bracco “Tjololo”- YVP music

Rosalia De Souza “Garota moderna”- Schema records

Rosalia De Souza “Garota diferente” – Schema records

Cristiana Polegri “Bindi in jazz”- Via veneto jazz

Silvia Manco “Big city is for me”- Micca club records

Gabriele Coen Atlante sonoro “Duende”- CNI La Frontiera

Gabriele Coen Atlante sonoro “Alhambra”- Cni La Frontiera

Fabrizio Bosso “You’ve changed” – Blue Note records

Gabriele Coen Jewish experience “Golem” – Cni La Frontiera

Nicola Conte “Jet sounds revisited” - Schema reords

Nicola Conte “Other directions” – Blue Note records

Nicola Conte “Rituals” – Schema reords

Nicola Conte “The modern sound of Nicola Conte” – Schema records

Lorenzo Tucci “Touch” Schema records

Gianluca Renzi All stars orchestra “Charles and Joe”- Wide sound

Pietro Ciancaglini “Homage” – Schema records

Daniele Tittarelli “No hay banda”- Wide sound

Barbara Casini “Formidable” – Philology

LTC Lussu Tucci Ciancaglini feat. Mark Turner “Hikmet” – Via veneto jazz

LTC Lussu Tucci Ciancaglini “Visions of blue”- Ricky-tick records

LTC Lussu tucci Ciancaglini “A different view “- Ricky-tick records