Flashback (2016)
by Emanuele Zappia

Francesco Lento - trumpet
Domenico Sanna - piano
Paride Furzi - bass
Emanuele Zappia - drums

1 - Flashback
2 - Seven Steps To Heaven
3 - Carla
4 - My Evident Steps
5 - My Ideal
6 - Soul Bluesy
7 - My Princesses
8 - Chicca s Plays
9 - Darn That Dream


Produced by Emanuele Zappia, Design by Emanuele Zappia & Paola Nuzzolo, Recorded at Groovefarm studio,
Rome, February 5,6/2015. Mixed by Davide Abbruzzese, Cover Photos by Carla & Francesca Vinci, Caterina Zappia.
“I was sitting on my couch in my living room and tasting a glass of  red wine , I was listening carefully at this brand new album Flashback. I knew for several years these “BAD GUYS”, Emanuele, and all the great musicians like Francesco, Domenico and Paride, and I follow their professional growth. It’s good to see a drummer writing and playng his own original songs, and hear him sing, not easy to find. The search of the melody, the sound and the rhythmic complexity blend perfectly and reveal true, emotion, freedom of expression and artistic sensibility. The true essence of music”. Gegè Munari
I dedicate this record to my father who believed in me more than I did
thanks to: my dad, my mom, my brother and sisters, my uncle and aunt, my three beautiful nieces.
Thanks to my Love Paola, Rick, Gianfri, Elena, and all the friends who love me.Thanks to all the musicians I’ve played with I used
to hear, who stimulate my musical growth. Thanks to Bobby Durham, Jimmy Cobb,
Art Blakey and Jazz Messengers, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Coleman Hawkins, Miles Davis, Giorgio Rosciglione,
Guido Pistocchi. A special thanks to the three great musicians but good friends who came with me in
this trip Domenico, Francesco and Paride.Thanks to the LHOBOMUSIC, Davide of Groovefarm, Adam Pache.
A special thanks to Gegè Munari

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