Too High (2009)
by Marco Acquarelli

Marco Acquarelli - guitar
Domenico Sanna - piano
Marco Loddo - double-bass
Marco Valeri - drums
J.D. Allen - tenor sax on Tracks 1,2,4,6

1 - Apettando Susan (M.Acquarelli)
2 - Bohemia After Dark (O.Pettiford)
3 - Too High (M.Acquarelli)
4 - Nutville (H.Silver)
5 - Triple Trouble (M.Acquarelli)
6 - Brake's Sake (T.Monk)
7 - Nams (M.Acquarelli)
8 - The Very Thought Of You (R.Noble)


This is a beautiful recording by five cats who play really well together! Marco Acquarelli is a wonderful guitarist who plays with a lot of finesse and feeling. He is a toughtful player with a personal touch and sound on the instrument wich are rare qualities indeed! His writing and playing show him to be a musician with maturity well beyond his years... Peter Bernstein

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